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AC repair at the worst time

We recently asked people who lived in phoenix and Las Vegas what they disliked the most about living in their cities. The most common complaint about both cities was the extreme heat during the summers.

One of the ladies we talked to told us a story, about the first week in July last year, when the Las Vegas Valley was in a heat wave. “It was so hot that you could not touch your car door without burning your hand, and all you wanted to do was get inside somewhere that had air conditioning. The minute you stepped outside it was like stepping in to an oven. It didn’t even cool off enough at night to be comfortable. She says that some summer days it can get as hot as 123 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to make sure that your animals have plenty of water and that they can get into the shade, it is actually suggested that you make sure that they are inside during the hottest part of the day.

Fayanne said that of coarse during the heat wave she would need air conditioning type repair, and she was not alone 3 of her friends had the same problem. Fayanne called four different AC repair companies in Las Vegas at 6pm, and three of the four told her it would be 24 to 48 hours before they could come out and look at her air conditioner let alone repair it. The forth company told her that while they were very busy they would be out that night, they showed up diagnosed the problem and repaired the unit, it was late at night but she was able to sleep in a cool house. The tech told her that he and the other techs were working until all of the calls were answered, even if it was 2 am.


Emergency service for AC repair did not cost extra

When I asked Fayanne if she remembered if she had to pay extra for the emergency service she said that no they charged her a $20.00 service call and replaced the fan motor for $77 less then she had paid on her other air conditioner the year before. So I wanted the name of the company that she used, she told me it was TNA Heating and Cooling and even gave me their phone number, she could not say enough about how great the tech was even though she could tell that he was extremely tired.

If you need an AC repair contractor in Las Vegas you now know who to call.

HVAC Doesn’t Have To Be Hard, Here’s Help

A comfortable house is easy thanks to your HVAC. Though most homes have air conditioning, some need replacing or repairs. A thorough understanding of HVAC systems is important so you will know exactly what to purchase. Following is some advice.

Before you start calling to find someone to fix your unit, make sure you know the type of system that is installed. Write down the brand and the model and have all maintenance records on hand. This makes sure your contractor will be sufficiently prepared.

By the end of spring, the fan blades and coils of your condenser should be thoroughly cleaned, so operation can proceed with greater efficiency. Be safe and turn off the power supply before working on your air conditioner. Additionally, it’s important to clear out leaves and other debris from the outside condenser unit.

When you are cutting the grass, be sure not to cover your outdoor units with clippings. Turn your lawnmower in the opposite direction. Do the same when blowing snow or leaves.

Lubricate your condenser yearly if it has oil ports. You will see rubber or metal caps covering the ports. Your oil should be an SAE 20. This particular oil is very lightweight and it only requires about 10 drops per port.

In order for your new unit to be as efficient as possible, or to make older units more efficient, make sure it’s put in a shaded area. The unit will have to do less work cooling this air.

You need to have a ac repair tech review your unit twice a year. Ideally, you should have it looked at in the spring and fall so you know everything is set for the hot and cold months. You should have it looked at even if no problems are occurring; there could still be a problem or potential problem.

Condenser units for the outdoors should be shut off when it starts to get cold outside. Avoid damaging the unit by turning it off when the outdoor temperature drops below 60 degrees. This will ensure your system works well each year, which could save you quite a bit in repair costs.

If you are a homeowner, or if you can get permission from your landlord, install double-paned windows in place of any single panes in your home. You can reduce your energy costs from energy leaking out through your windows by installing window that are double-paned. This also works during the cold months to keep the warm air inside.

When you are away from home, adjust your thermostat to a money saving temperature. Your home will become somewhat warmer during this time. If the A/C is on when you’re gone, it’ll be working hard constantly.

Don’t allow your home to overheat. An air conditioning unit is really only able to reduce the temperature by twenty degrees in a short time span. So, if your home temp reaches 100 degrees, your air conditioning will only bring that temp down to about 80 degrees. With high humidity, this is an unsafe temperature even for sleeping.

Air conditioners occasionally freeze up, literally. There are sometimes also freezes that happen in a drain line, and this can be confused for a plumbing leak. If this happens, put your thermostat over to fan. If this doesn’t work, call a professional.

There are sizing calculators available to determine the proper sized air conditioning for your home. If you buy a unit that’s too large, it won’t be energy efficient for your needs. Look at the manual to figure out the manufacturing rates the unit for accurate cooling information.

How long has the a/c contractor been in business? Firms that have been in business for a long time are easier to assess. Hiring a new ac contractor comes with an element of risk.

Make certain that you get written estimates before you hire a contractor. You have the potential to save a great deal of money if you make several calls prior to reaching a final decision. Call around to find out what the rates are.

Finding the right HVAC unit is important, and a good one can give your entire home that nice comfortable feeling. This advice will help you when your air conditioning needs fixing or replacing. This can help you make a solid guess as to what to buy so that you can get a system you’re content with.

How to Make Your Bath / Shower Surround Grout Look New Again!

You won’t believe the difference in the before and after shots! How to do it yourself tutorial on replacing existing grout without re-tiling the wall. Shows tools, tips and tricks of the trade. So easy, almost anyone can do it.
Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:

Alright so today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you how I was able to brighten up this dingy looking shower surround in only a few hours a day over a period of a few days.

You know the first time I did this I was twenty years old and I had nothing but a simple putty knife and an old box cutter to work with. And you know what? It still turned out really good. So it’s an easy job as far as equipment and skills go but if you’re not used to doing manual labour you may find this to be a daunting task.
I ended up going with this ready-mix stuff.

Really the first thing I did was repaint the bathroom. Put in the plug and use a drop sheet — there’s going to be a lot of dust that you do not want in your pipes.

Start by pulling back the old silicone. Then use a grout rake to remove a layer of grout throughout.
Do everything you can to remove the dust without getting the grout wet — otherwise you’re going to have to wait another day for it to dry out.

You’ll find that diagonal strokes generally work the best, but not always.
You’ll have to wait about half an hour for the mud to set up before you can start sponging it clean.
A plastic scraper is ideal for removing excess grout from the tile surfaces before wiping everything down with a sponge for a smooth, even surface.

Now if you can’t wait seventy-two hours for it to cure before you have a shower you can hang plastic over the tile like this to protect the grout but you have to take it down right after your shower in order to allow the air to get at it.

Now this last step is by far the most tedious. Have your plastic scraper handy for the little chunks and bits that you’ll find are still clinging to the tiles’ surface. Polish the haze off each tile individually using your clean, cotton rags.

Make sure that your caulking is for bath and tile and smooth it out with a gloved finger dipped in paint thinner.
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How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 1: Wedi Shower Pan Install)

If you want to build a walk-in shower you’re in the right place.

Today we’ll show you how to install the shower pan…fortunately this is waaaaaay easier than it use to be…especially if you use the Wedi Fundo Ligno.

You can cut the Ligno to any size you want. They also come in pre-cut dimensions, so make sure you pick a size that fits the shower you’ll build.

Once you have the pan you’ll have to cut out the existing subfloor.

If you subfloor is 3/4″ plywood you’re in for a treat. If you remove the section where the Ligno is going you’ll be able to install the pan in one day.

Add 2×4 nailers to the joists and make them 3/4″ below the the top of the joist.

Apply Liquid Nail to the nailers and nail or screw them to the joists. Then apply Liquid Nail to the top of the nailer and add OSB or plywood to the joist gap.

What you’re doing is creating a subfloor that’s 3/4 of an inch lower than the adjacent subfloor.

Put together the Wedi Ligno shower pan drain using Wedi’s sealant. It only needs to be hand tightened…doesn’t get any easier my friend.

Mix up latex modified thin-set and back butter the Wedi Ligno shower pan. Apply the same thin-set to the subfloor and embed the Ligno shower pan into the thin-set.

BOOM, it’s that easy.

Of course there are a ton of details and they’re all in our step-by-step video tutorial…we love geeking out over this stuff.

Check out the video here

If you want the complete written tutorial you can see that over on Home Repair Tutor…

And if you’re in the mood for a complete DIY bathroom remodel we can help with our online support group at Bathroom Repair Tutor

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How to Install a Pedestal Sink and Faucet

Learn how to install a pedestal sink with this complete step-by-step video.

Is your bathroom a tad small?

Do you want to remodel your bath and are thinking of a pedestal sink?

Pedestal sinks are pretty affordable and can open up your space.

This video will show a beginner DIYer how to
-determine if the pedestal sink will work
-install a new faucet onto the sink
-mount the sink to the wall
-install all the plumbing without leaks

The first step is to buy a pedestal sink and make sure the cut-out in the pedestal fits the plumbing setup, i.e. P-Trap and shutoff valves.

Dry fit the sink onto the pedestal. Draw the hole positions of the sink on the wall.

Remove the sink and check if the hole positions are on a stud or wood blocking. If this is the case you can use lag screws to attach the sink to the wall. If you have just drywall you can use standard toggle bolts, although I recommend inserting wood into the wall and using lag screws.

Install the new faucet onto the sink. I bought the Delta faucet in this video from Faucet Depot, which has awesome prices. You should totally check them out if you need to buy a faucet or anything else for your bathroom

Make sure all the plumbing connections are tight and leak proof. Especially the rubber gasket that seals the drain to the sink.

Dry fit the sink to the pedestal a second time and see if the drain is long enough to fit into the P-Trap. If it’s not you have to put an extension tube on the drain. My video shows you all the details of how to do this

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The Best Tile Leveling System for Bathroom Tile

See our full tutorial…

Tile leveling systems are great.

Why? Because they help you get a great looking tile job.

You can use them on tile floors or walls.

We’re going to show you why we think the Tuscan Tile Leveling System is the best.

We explore two system’s.

The first one is the Tuscan Cap and Strap system. It looks exactly as it sounds. There’s a cap that slides over a clear strap.

Caps straddle either side of the tiles and help eliminate tile lippage or unevenness.

The Tuscan SeamClip is the second system. These are awesome because you can manually lock them in place. They come in three different varieties. Each version is dependent on the thickness of your tile.

So measure the thickness of the tile before you buy the SeamClip.

We discuss all the details in today’s video

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How to Fix Leaky Copper Pipes from a Bathroom…WITHOUT Soldering

Learning how to fix leaky copper pipes is super important if you’re a homeowner…you’ll save a boat load of money.

AND: you won’t panic when it happens the second time.

This video was made 30 minutes after my wife texted me and said water was leaking from the bathroom on our second floor.

The first step is to find the section of drywall where the leak is coming from.

Push up on ceiling drywall until you find a soft spot. Then poke a hole in it using a drywall saw. Be prepared for water to drip out of the hole.

Then cut a small hole in the drywall to identify the exact pipe leak. Once you do that, turn the water off and cut the old pipe from the wall or ceiling.

My favorite tool for cutting copper pipe is the AutoCut pipe cutter.

In this tutorial I show you how to use SharkBite couplings to attach the new section of copper pipe. These help you fix leaky copper pipes without soldering.

If you replace the pipe with another section of copper here are some tips

-choose Type L copper
-debur the copper
-smooth the copper ends with emery cloth

If you replace the pipe with PEX just cut the ends and make them square.

The beauty of using SharkBites is that they simple push onto copper, PEX, or PVC pipes.

Check out the video for all the details

Here are the ground rules for our giveaway

-2 winners will be randomly selected
-Entry period ends Tuesday February 9th, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST
-Only those who live in the continental US are eligible to win
-HRT is handling the prize fulfillment
-Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment telling us why you want the kit

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How to Hang Drywall Ceilings by Yourself in a Bathroom

Have you struggled hanging drywall ceilings by yourself in a bathroom?

It can be a real chore and painful.

But there are some tricks and tips that make it a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

Today you’ll learn how hang drywall ceilings by yourself and without killing your back.

Furthermore you’ll see how to perfectly cut around a bathroom fan.

This tutorial was done in a small bathroom but you can copy a lot of the tips for other parts of your home.

Check out my video for all the details

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Learn how to hang drywall ceilings by yourself in a bathroom
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How to Fix Drywall in a Bathroom or Any Other Room

Learning how to fix drywall will save you mucho dinero. Seriously, I’ve learned my lesson.

Today you’ll see how to fix a ceiling and cut down on the repair time. I’ve got several tips that’ll hopefully help you with your project.

The first step is to measure the thickness of your old drywall or plaster.

Turn off any electricity that’s in the ceiling. In this tutorial I had to remove a recessed light that was smack in the middle of the repair.

Measure the length and width of the hole and cut a piece of drywall that’ll cover these dimensions.

Place the new drywall piece over the hole and trace it with a marker.

Cut the drywall in the ceiling to size and voila!! You have a perfect new piece of drywall that’ll fill in the hole.

In the video you’ll see that I had to add extra framing. I know some will think this was a waste but this is my preference.

If you’re working alone it’s not a bad idea to add one screw to each corner.

Then you can hoist the drywall (depending on it’s size) up to the ceiling and screw it in place.

Because the ceiling in this video had texture I used mesh tape instead of paper tape…again, some prefer paper but mesh is better IMO for textured surfaces.

Check out the rest of the video to see how to fix drywall, especially a drywall ceiling

If you want a written tutorial with a complete supply list go to

How to make Home look Sophisticated?

It requires time, devotion and practice to become a house enhancement expert. You ought to understand that you are never done finding out about it or exactly what you could do to much better your capabilities in it. You could be effective at remodeling, and these suggestions must assist you get there.

A terrific way to place in a nice touch to you residence is by particularing it a new doorbell. This helps the visitor to obtain a different feel when entering your residence will certainly see.

Just take into consideration specialists for your residence improvement tasks that have appropriate licensing from your state of house. Look this up on your state’s site or call the appropriate division. If a contractor doesn’t have a certificate, they are possibly either incompetent, a scammer, or can’t obtain a certificate somehow (convicted criminal, illegal alien).

Do you wish an affordable way to include some sophistication to your home?

Vacuum the within of closets prior to cleansing them. This gets rid of the dirt, dirt and anything else that may be hanging around within.

For any one of your jobs including electrical energy, plumbing system, and others, you’ll need licenses before you can start. Talk with your town to see if your work requires a license.

Of program, not everybody could manage elegant new closets. If we merely change the doors though, there is a new spectacular look for a fraction of the place to replace the entire cupboard. Before beginning on this task you will certainly wish to measure every little thing precisely so you know what it is needed before you start.

Include worth to your residence with an upgraded bathroom

Even if site visitors to your house never see your bath, also if you don’t intend on selling in the near future, a boosted and renovated restroom adds worth to your home. For homes with typical, home builder’s grade amenities, a restroom upgrade represents a substantial enhancement for relatively little expense. Probably the best reason for enhancing your bath is that it is a room you use every day.

Kitchen and bath remodels are 2 typical methods to enhance the worth of a home. And because lots of residences have the same, dull bathrooms that were initially put in by the builder, there is enough area for enhancement in a bath remodel. There are whole lots of reasons why a bath remodel is a wonderful choice. If you are intending to stay in your home long-term, an additional choice to consider is adding movement enhancements to your bath. Even if visitors to your house never see your bath, also if you do not intend on selling in the near future, an improved and renovated restroom adds worth to your house.

Less stress and cost for a Home Improvement

A residence is among the most expensive points a person will certainly ever before possess. For property owners, it is essential to shield that substantial financial investment. The on-going expense of home ownership continually boosts for many years. As a seasoned residence improvement specialist in Maine, Eastern Shore House Enhancement understands the stress with attempting to preserve a house and raise the total effectiveness of that home in an effort to lower proceeded price of possession.

These couple of house enhancement tasks will certainly assist home owners keep their homes secured, boost the worth, and lesser total costs.

Check the House for Drafts

Besides glass, a draft can enter into a residence in any number of methods. Doors that are poorly hung, an area where the insulation needs switched out, a crack in the foundation, and other items can all source issues. These drafts will decrease a home’s power efficiency. They will also allow water, insects and various other bugs in to your home. With those drafts, the general indoor air high quality additionally goes down, which can be specifically bothersome for the youthful, elderly, and those who struggle with either allergies or asthma.

Maintain & Update HVAC Equipments

Many people never think to call a person to take a look at their heating, cooling, or air flow devices up until there is an issue. It is a great practice to contact an HVAC servicer a minimum of as soon as a year to have them inspect every little thing. They can clean the vents, make certain the filters are effectively put in, and verify that the system is performing at optimal efficiency. At the same time, a heating system or air conditioning system that is 10 or Twenty Years aged is nowhere near as efficient as newer versions. For house owners who are seeing their heating prices rise time after time, investing in a new heating system might be the way to go.

Protected Siding Works

The winters in Maine can be pretty busy. A professional home siding specialist can aid you obtain the most from your exterior siding, though. Siding is not merely something to keep the beyond a residence looking excellent. Quality exterior siding will shield the underlying property of the house. Insulated home siding will certainly help close off air wallets and boost a residence’s power efficiency.

Examine and Preserve the Roof

House building contractors in Maine know that roofs take a pounding with each passing season. The roofing needs to be inspected when the climate gets warm and at least as soon as even more prior to it acquires also cold. Make any required repair works as soon as they are observed to aid save a lot of stress down the roadway.

Update Windows

When it comes to replacement Glass in Maine, there are a lot of selections. When it comes to decreasing heating and cooling costs, Electricity reliable glass could make a substantial difference. Double or triple pane are typically going to be the much better top quality. Look for those that have argon or similar gas between the panes. Homeowners also intend to take a look at a supplier’s service warranty, any type of certain guarantees, and the reputation of the glass installer before making any final decisions.

Kitchen Remodel : How to Make it Well?

Is the little kitchen remodel the very same as a huge kitchen remodel-except on a smaller sized canvas?

Take these steps when renovating your small kitchen.

1. Usage Kitchen Styles Appropriate for the Little Cooking area. A lot of little cooking areas are much longer compared to they are wide (though there are numerous square-shaped little cooking areas, consisting of the one envisioned here). These are fantastic designs that offer you with whole lots of opportunities. Forget positioning a kitchen island. It won’t happen. As an alternative, learn to welcome styles that are right for these smaller sized rooms.
2. Discover Easy Areas to Reduce. Big double sinks or farmhouse sinks eat up significant counter room. Assume long and hard about whether you truly want larger appliances. Side-by-side refrigerators are excellent, yet you intend to conserve size when it concerns the appliances. Are you a bachelor or a couple? More economical dishwashers are offered, too. Can you put in a cupboard around the edge?)if you have any type of out-of-kitchen area readily available (i.e., utilize that for products you do not use frequently, such as tinned appliances or products.
3. Determine Your Worths. Together with the above pointers, you really need to make challenging options. Or, that knows – occasionally it’s an easy option. Is storage space a primary priority? After that you’ll should optimize cooking area cabinets at the price of devices. Do you really desire a breakfast bar? It’s feasible, however you may have to give up counter room for cooking to get that breakfast bar. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with any one of this. It’s your kitchen area; you’re allow to make these choices as you desire!
4. Usage Stock Cabinetry. Among the fantastic aspects of remodeling small kitchen areas is that you get to utilize easy-to-install DIY cabinets. In fact, you can frequently locate this kind of kitchen cabinets precisely the shelf in your home improvement establishments or locations like IKEA. This cabinetry is generally a basic Do It Yourself install. It’s often more work placing compared to closets together compared to it is to install them in the cooking area if you purchase the cabinets level (like at IKEA).
Take full advantage of Cupboard Depth. There is so much space in the backs of cabinets that we hardly ever utilize.
6. Use Larger Flooring Tiles. It seems counter-intuitive, yet larger flooring tile makes your small kitchen area appear larger.
7. Employ Lighter Different colors. Given that the light you get in your kitchen area is as much mirrored light as it is direct light, you could raise a little kitchen’s light intensity by using brighter-colored wood varieties for the cabinets and neutral tones for the counters, along with for the wall surface paint.

Ways to Lessen Stress with contractors

Many specialists (and property owners) hastily jump into a Home remodel task and unknowingly get rid of money by not taking the correct actions to organize their job.

Whether you’re a resident or a service provider, it is necessary that proper time be given to the planning process. The preparation procedure assists you lower stress for your customer due to the fact that you give a detailed range of work that is written in succinct and clear terms so both events understand what’s expected.

How to lessen stress when dealing with home contractors?

Take the time to determine and develop an equally agreed-upon scope of work that establishes a professional, performable and exact spending plan. Impractical spending plans are extremely usual among house owners that have not looked into expenses or do not comprehend what is truly included in a washroom remodel.

Strategy, Strategy, Plan– Many individuals presume that the specialist will make logical choices in scheduling and preparing the project. The fact of the concern is that a bathroom task includes various different contractors and each one of them has their very own schedule and plan.

Beginning– Control is normally the job of a basic specialist or engineer. It is very important due to the fact that without a routine and effective coordination, the workers and specific tasks are set apart and will not communicate well.

Enlighten Yourself– It is very important that both the client and professional understand precisely what they’re entering. From the task scope to the products utilized, education assists avoid subcontractors from being hit with any sort of unforeseen choices or items requiring additional labor and/or materials to install.

Hidden Conditions– Several individuals have no clue concerning “the concealed expenses” of remodeling and, regrettably, some contractors do not always permit customers know the hidden prices. This could be since the contractor didn’t know regarding these added prices, or they presumed the home owner currently knew regarding the expenses.

Interaction Is Secret– Unavoidably, the unanticipated will happen, however excellent interaction will permit you to deal with these concerns promptly. Without open communication it’s practically difficult to make timely decisions and move forward in order to keep the project on task.

Picking And Buying Components– Very early selection makes certain that your professionals know what you wish set up and could price efficiently. The advice I give my customers is to pick your components and acquire them on site where they could be examined and stored for the project.

From the job extent to the products utilized, education assists prevent subcontractors from being hit with any sort of unanticipated choices or products needing added labor and/or products to put in.

Tips in making Home Improvement project easier

If your house remodeling job is visiting trouble the next-door neighbors, be polite and inform your next-door neighbors well ahead of time. Your next-door neighbors will be appreciative of being cautioned prior to this trouble them.

When updating your roofing system, it is essential to discover a trustworthy roofing contractor. It is in your finest interest to investigate the roof covering business before signing any sort of deal. To buy a whole image of their company practices prior to hiring their solutions, see if any issues have actually been submitted through the neighborhood Better Business Agency and search for on the internet assessments.

How to make your home remodeling project easier?

For any of your tasks involving electrical power, plumbing system, and others, you’ll require licenses just before you could begin. Talk with your town to see if your job requires a license.

Do you desire an inexpensive means to add some elegance to your residence? An excellent method to put in a good touch to you house is by offering it a brand-new doorbell. This helps the site visitor to obtain a different feel when entering your residence will certainly see.

Just think about professionals for your house enhancement jobs that have appropriate licensing from your state of home. Look this up on your state’s website or call the appropriate division. If a specialist doesn’t have a certificate, they are possibly either inept, a fraudster, or cannot obtain a permit by chance (sentenced criminal, illegal immigrant).

Vacuum the inside of closets prior to washing them. This takes out the dirt, filth and anything else that might be lingering within.

It takes time, commitment and technique to end up being a residence renovation specialist. You must meet that you are never done discovering about it or what you could do to far better your abilities in it. You can be effective at remodeling, and these pointers ought to assist you arrive.

Of course, not everyone could manage fancy brand-new cabinets. If we merely change the doors though, there is a new magnificent appearance for a fraction of the location to switch out the entire cupboard. Prior to beginning on this job you will certainly desire to determine everything specifically so you know exactly what it is required in advance

Follow Checklist for A Safe Home and Family

The security of your house and your loved ones is more vital than any product belongings. Its imperative that you care for their wellbeing, and by experiencing the adhering to checklist you can be well prepared for any sort of emergency scenario. As the old stating goes, prevention is much better compared to cure.

Make a mental checklist of all the areas at home, and work your means via them making certain that you’ve eliminated prospective mishaps, and that you’ve prepared emergency situation procedures and ready for any type of scenario.

Home safety Checklist Everyone should practice

1. Teach Your Children.
Invest a long time showing your youngsters ways to make use of the telephone and where to find the list of emergency numbers. Discuss each emergency number to them and ensure that they understand the best procedure for any dilemma circumstance.
Children are can be quickly misinformed by unfamiliar people. Allocate a trust word and give this word to an adult as a form of a password to allow the youngsters understand that you offered them permission to trust the unfamiliar person in an emergency.

2. Electrical energy.
Circuit box, overloaded power points and home appliances in bathrooms are just a few of the feasible hazards that you’ll need to look out for on your house security list.

Baby proofing plugs and wires is an obvious decision if you have children, yet an additionally a wonderful concept if you have pet dogs.

Home safety us all about making sure to have any electric faults in your home, such as damaged light or plugs, seen to by an expert as bad electrical wiring presents substantial fire risks – thatch roof covering homeowner; be extra mindful.

3. Test Your Devices.
Its no great having a fire alarm that doesn’t trigger throughout a fire, or a panic button that nots doing anything more than click because of level batteries in a time of terrible demand. Make the effort to double check that your finest cautions versus emergency circumstances are in tiptop functioning order.

Your alarm systems must have system check directions either printed on it or in the handbook. If you can’t discover any type of information, attempt phoning your residence safety business and requesting more information on your version.

4. Inside and Out.
The garden and bordering areas of your home are perhaps riddled with hazards. In your garage or garden dropped, make certain that all combustible liquids and gasses are correctly closed and saved away. Oil spills or leaky containers can have tragic impacts with the tiniest of spark or fire.

If you’ve got kids or animals, both a pool cover and a fence around the border are an excellent concept to protect loved ones.

5. Emergency treatment Kit.
A first aid package could be made use of for addressing a munched knee, or suggest the distinction in between life and death. Its basically vital that your family, work environment and auto have a first aid package accessible.

6. Make a Neighbour a Close friend.
If you have any pals in your road or area that you could rely on, offer them a copy of your primary and place their contact number on your checklist of emergency numbers.

If you currently have a neighbor looking after a spare main, its also an excellent suggestion to inquire double check that your secret is secure and in place.

PS3 Repairs – Save Money and Do It Yourself

It can be extremely frustrating when your video games console breaks down. Not to mention expensive too. With increasing repair costs is do it yourself a viable option? Sure it is if you know what to look for.

The PlayStation 3 amazing as it is can still be prone to malfunction. The yellow light of death is a common issue. Fortunately for us it is also something we are capable of fixing ourselves in the comfort of our own homes. But to be able to carry out the repair we must first understand what causes it.

One factor that can cause the yellow light of death is a cable malfunction. One of your connections could be loose. Check the wires make sure they are plugged in securely. Take a look at the condition of the cables if all looks in order just ensure that the socket is secure in the power outlet.

Another cause of this particular PlayStation problem is a general hard drive failure. What you need to think about is have you removed the hard drive or tinkered with it. It is also a possibility that if you have dropped your console that the yellow light of death will be displayed.

Check the vents on the ps3 for a build up of dust. If this area gets severely clogged up it restricts the air flow. This will result in the console becoming overheated and showing the ylod. It is important to clean these vents on a regular basis to ensure disruption free gaming.

The main cause of the yellow light error is overheating, especially if played for prolonged periods of time. The first thing you can try is to switch the console off for about an hour. After this time power up the ps3 and see if that has allowed the machine to cool sufficiently. If not check if any particular area of the console is hotter than the rest, if it is it can be advisable to purchase an external fan to assist your ps3’s built in one.

Check the placement of your console. Is it in an entertainment unit with your surround sound system or something similar? All these gadgets kick off heat and if your ps3 is stored with them then all it will do is blow warm air through its internal circuits. Also is your console positioned horizontally or vertically? Positioning the PlayStation 3 vertically allows the hot air to escape, helping to keep your system cooler. There is a myth that your machine has difficulty Reading discs if positioned this way but the console was designed to be set up either way.

Hopefully just following these pointers will be enough to get your console up and running very quickly. If your problem still needs a little more work there are some very good guides available that will show you how to make repairs to your game console. They make the task very simple with videos and simple step by step instructions all designed to help you fix your console by yourself, and avoid costly repairs.

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Leaking Roof Repair – Now You Can Do It Yourself

The rainy season sets in and there is a general feeling of joy in the air; fresh green trees and plants. But there comes a dripping sound or you see a water stain and your heart sinks to the bottom. Another roof leak!

It is common that a roof develops leaks and that is usually long before the whole roof repair. You don’t have to call a repairer right away; minor leaks can be fixed on your own and that’s what we are going to tell you in this article. And a minor leak does not mean that it can be ignored; every roof leak needs to be fixed immediately or it can lead to problems like mold, damaged insulation, rotted framing and destroyed ceiling.

Finding the exact location of a roof leak is the toughest part. You can guess a leak from a water stain on the ceiling or running down the wall. Remove the shingles from the suspected area and check in the roofing material for any probable damage because sometimes the leaks are a good distance away from the actual damage.

Sometimes the leak is also due to a curled shingle, so straighten any curved shingles you find by using heat such as from a hair dryer. Re-attach the straightened shingles with roof cement. Check for the shingles that come off easily when lifted. Fix them with compound or replace them entirely.

For inspecting a roof leak in connections, check for spaces between the connections. If you find the chaulking to be damaged, reapply it. Make sure to remove the damaged chaulking first with a putty knife so that the area is clean to work on.

For damaged shakes, first split them with a hammer and a chisel by sliding the chisel under the damaged shake. Take out the nails or work around them to not damage a good shake. Cut the new shake to be slightly smaller than the old one and replace it back, fixing in place with nails. Seal the shake with chaulking compound to make it permanent.

For roll roofing, you will find blisters or cracks in the roofing material. To mend these blisters, cut the damaged area carefully using a utility knife and dry the area. Spread roofing cement in the split roll and put it in place by pressing down. For best results, drive one or two nails in the blister you just repaired and then coat the entire repaired, and a little bit of surrounding area with the roofing cement.

Fixing a roof yourself is easy; you only need to know these simple steps – and it is completely satisfying. Last but not the least; take precautionary measures before you set out on repairing a roof leak yourself. Avoid working on a wet roof; choose a sunny day to repair. Wear rubber sole shoes and a ladder framework for secure anchoring and take adequate measures for your safety.


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Do it Yourself Computer Repair Hassles

Do it yourself computer repair allows you to do perform immediate repairs for your usual computer problems. However, this task requires you to have a thorough understanding of the details of your computer hardware and software. If your confidence at doing this task lies on a few pages of how-to and repair manuals, there is a good chance that you might do more harm than good in correcting the problem. Although performing do it yourself repair gives you the power to make the final decision in your every move, it may not be the best decision to make.

The Do-It-Yourself Type of Computer Owners

It is understandable for self-reliant people to perform a do it yourself repair. While it dictates the speed as well as the efficiency at which the adjustments, updates and all necessary troubleshooting tasks will be done, it also helps yield huge savings in doing simple to complicated computer repair jobs. However, just like any form of repair, you need to first understand all the nitty-gritty stuff about your computer. You need to be knowledgeable about computers.

Simple Computer Repairs Made Easy

Simple computer problems like virus and worm attacks and slow operations can be remedied with routine maintenance tasks. To restore smooth and quick responding computing operations, you need to maintain regular schedules of defragmenting your hard drive, running disk cleanup, installing or updating anti-virus software and data backup and recovery applications. These maintenance measures are helpful in preventing your computer from crashing. They are also crucial in keeping all your files and programs protected against the usual attacks of annoying spyware, malware and computer worms and viruses.

How to handle more complicated Computer Troubleshooting

You need to have the correct tools to do computer repairs. In addition to hand tools like screw drivers, solder irons and others, software like anti-virus and registry mechanic programs are also considered computer repair tools. These tools can be used to perform minor repairs to simple and common computer problems like installing updates and upgrades to existing programs, correcting registry problems, installation of hardware and software accessories and more. However, when it comes to dealing with more complicated problems, which mostly involve software and file problems like system recovery, corrupted files, automatic shut down and more, you really need to consult with an experienced computer repair technician to avoid further damage or loss of data.

Once your computer crashes, you need to have an idea of what could have happened before you perform a do it yourself repair. Never attempt to fix and correct any problem that you know nothing about. Try studying, reading and understanding various repair manuals. But if you want to confidently restore your computer to its smooth humming condition, consider finding an on-site computer repair technician.

Why Professional Computer Repair Services

Having well-trained professional computer technicians fix your computer eliminates the guess work on computer repairs and instantly restores your personal productivity. Instead of becoming a slave to the ever changing study of basic computer repairs, online computer repair services provide you with an affordable and practical option to troubleshooting your computer problems regardless of the extent of its difficulty.

Professional Repair Services for your Convenience

It is nice to have the right skill and knowledge to perform a do it yourself computer repair. However, you need to consider that allowing a pro to do these repairs can help you save time and money as they are fully trained in handling all types of computer problems. More importantly, it will save you from the confusion and frustration of possibly doing improper or unnecessary repairs. Thus, you get all these solutions at affordable costs.

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Do-It-Yourself Roof Repair

It is surprising, and sometimes annoying, that how many small things in the structure of your house can go wrong but these small things matter a lot. Whether it’s a door lock that has stopped working or a crack in the window that won’t stop the cold wind from coming in, small problems around the house can have a big effect. For most of such issues, there is hardly a need to take professional help. You can fix such things up by using only a little of your ingenuity and everyday household material lying around.

One such household problem is roof repair. Even when it seems that the problem is a big one, you can solve it on your own – and in quite simple ways. Let’s see the common issues and their DIY solutions.

First up, you need to know that if the shingles on the roof are badly worn or damaged, it requires an entire replacement. But if the roof is in a good condition overall with just a few problematic shingles, you can handle the repair yourself.

In case of broken shingles, you can swap the broken ones with new ones. Check your store, there might be some spare shingles lying around from the last time you had a roof replacement, if not, you can always buy new ones and keep the extra ones for next time. When asphalt roofing gets old, it is usual that shingles start to curl from the corners. The best way to deal with this is to glue down the curled section and it will be good to go. Another case of roof repair is cracked shingles. You don’t have to replace them, instead, fix them with a roofing sealant applied first under the crack and then over it after pressing it down. Another common roofing problem is the paint peeling from the chimney sweep. No matter what, one rain and the peel off starts. The best solution is to install a rain cap. In around $30 you can keep water out of the flue.

These can also be the temporary remedies of roof repair while you’re waiting for a licensed roofing contractor. Even if the above mentioned roof repair methods doesn’t look your cup of the tea and you only want to wait until professional help arrives, you can prevent leaking with a plastic sheet and a few roofing nails. Roofing paper is another material you can use to stop a leakage temporarily. This is also known as roofing felt and tar paper and is best applied in layers; alternating paper and cement.

These simple repairs make sure that your roof stays sound for many years without a roof replacement proposition. Whichever method you use, make it a point to take all the precautionary work measures which include working on the roof on a dry, sunny day so there is no danger of slipping, using proper ladder and rubber shoes etc.

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Grandfather Clock Do It Yourself Repair – Part I

Grandfather clocks. Amazing pieces of machinery. Very few people understand how they work and even fewer know how to fix one, should something go wrong. Bringing to a repair shop is going to cost you an arm and a leg, so if you have a grandfather clock that’s not exactly running up to snuff and you don’t have the bucks to fix it, then you might want to try to tackle the job by yourself. In order to do that, aside from needing some mechanical expertise, you’re going to need some troubleshooting tips, since these marvels can get pretty complicated. This article is going to cover some of the things to do when trying to fix the old man.

Let’s start with the most common problem of a grandfather clock. The pendulum itself stops swinging.

The first thing you have to do is make sure the clock weights have been pulled up. Sometimes all that needs to be done is simply wind the weights. This can really save an unnecessary repair.

Next check the hands. Are they touching each other? If they are this will stop the pendulum from swinging. If they are touching and the time train is jammed all you need to do is push the hour hand slightly towards the dial in order to clear the minute hand. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the dial.

Next, check to see if the hands are touching the glass. If they are, all you have to do is bend the minute hand away from the glass.

If by some chance you’ve recently moved your grandfather clock (they are very temperamental and don’t like to be moved), the pendulum may have stopped swinging because the case is now leaning at a different angle. To fix this you simply have to start the pendulum swinging and balance your clock. Don’t use a level. Continue testing until the swinging sounds more balanced. This requires a good ear and a lot of patience. Balancing the clock itself may require you to do one of several things.

First you may have to actually place something under the clock on either the left or right side to get the pendulum swinging just right. A bracket or shim will probably do the trick for this.

Second, you may have to actually tip the clock itself towards the wall so that it is slightly leaning. You have to be very careful when performing these tricky manoeuvres. You don’t want to tip the clock too far in either direction or back. The clock may fall too far off balance and spill to the floor. Trying to catch one of these falling monsters is not easy so care is needed.

In the next article in this series we’re going to continue with troubleshooting techniques to figure out just what is wrong with the old man, including running too fast or slow, weights not falling, chimes out of sequence and others. By the time we’re done your grandfather clock should be as good as old.

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What is Home Improvement?

Everyone always has to do a little bit of house renovation whether it is in the restroom, cooking area, garden or bedroom a house everywhere is consistently all set for a little home enhancement. House renovation can seem like a job something you have to do rather than what you want to do and most of us know that when we need to do it, it is no longer attractive but when we want to do something we could quickly discover the time and money.

Home improvement could be as little as fixing a loose screw in the wall surface, to replacing a washing device, to re-designing your kitchen area.

Repairing up your house has actually come to be a weekend routine for several couples or family members who are hanging around to sell their home and while they wait they make the sensible decision to make small house improvement to aid their residences sell. Even big scale home enhancement tasks like these can locate suggestions.

Home improvement helps improvement of life

With the residential property market steadily declining relocating home is coming to be more of a worry compared to an option as a result home enhancement feels like a best solution to help you overcome this problem. As opposed to selling your home why not make some home enhancement options and move the dull worn out looking home you intended to leave into a splendidly brand-new amazing house from residence you have constantly wished and at the same time keeping your cash precisely where you desire it, in your back wallet.

When you hear the words house renovation it doesn’t merely need to be about the almost outside components of our home such as new washrooms and kitchens it can additionally be about the indoor right down to the tiniest points such as re-decorating a brand-new perhaps some brand-new pillows and lights in the living-room and a new image to enter the corridor can make a plain looking home seems more awake. Home enhancement whether huge or tiny isn’t always an easy task for that reason seek aid and support to allow your time enhancing your home to be a happy one.

Do-It-Yourself Foundation Repair

Calling contractors to have your house repaired means footing huge bills — not to mention the inconvenience of having workmen in your house for days on end. And then there are time overruns, delay in supply of material and other conditions.

People with a little artistic leaning may just take the chisel and the trowel in their own hands and repair minor cracks (and in some cases, even major cracks) in their house foundations themselves. There are a surfeit of TV programs and books on the subject – and don’t even lets get started on the number of websites pertaining to house repair. However, before attempting to repair the house yourself, you must judge a few things.

Of primary importance is the availability of time and patience. For first timers, repairing foundations doesn’t come easy. The mortar might just not hold in the crack the first several dozen times. It requires tremendous patience, and like everything else, one proceeds to perfect this task with experience. You have to work out whether you can devote so many days from your calendar to complete the job. Be realistic in evaluating your skills; ascertain yourself whether you’ll be capable to finish the job. It does not work if you have to leave your mission midway and scan through the yellow pages for a professional to come and repair the mess you have done. For starters, that would only increase the cost manifold. You should also check whether all the required tools are available, whether you have no social occasions to celebrate in your house on those days and other such tiny factors.

At a minimum, repairing the house yourself will require arming yourself with cement, sand, mortar and tools like a trowel (both pointing and plastering), hammer and chisel, screwdriver, drills, wire-brush and such other sundry tools. For a small foundation crack, first chisel away part of the mortar. Use a wire-brush to wipe away the dust and dried mortar pieces. Prepare the mortar mixture using two parts of builder’s sand with one part of cement. Use builder’s grade cement for better adhesion. Prepare the mixture with minimal amount of water, taking care that there is perfect blending of the cement and the sand.

With a pointing trowel, embed the mixture into the crack. Slowly and gradually, work your way along the crack, taking all precaution that there are no loose air gaps left in the crack. Use a wooden flat surface to flatten out the mortar before it dries up. Once the filling is done, leave the filled crack for drying. This will need two or three sprinklings with water so that the mixture can expand and fill the crack well. When it is completely dry (after about 2 days), paint on the surface.

However, if it is a crack in a tile, then the entire tile needs to be replaced. The procedure is entirely different if it is a leakage crack. In that case, the tiles have to be replaced and a drain tile has to be fitted with a sump-pump attachment to draw out the water.

Before attempting a do-it-yourself repair job, it is prudent to estimate the cost with a professional. The seriousness of the crack is another issue. There are also other things to be considered, such as electric wiring (if they pass through that area) and plumbing.

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How to achieve a secured home

Among the most crucial things about your residence regardless of whether it be an apartment or a condo or whatever, is residence safety. It doesn’t matter whether there are youngsters in the home or not it is crucial that the safety elements of the house are resolved from all elements for both adults, youngsters and pets.

Frequently the major home safety problems are something that the majority of individuals deal with from the beginning but there could be very frequently covert dangers that we may not recognize. The major factors such as having your smoke alarm device in position is essential. Making sure that all your electrical wiring is updated is necessary also.

Home maintenance is a home with security

This for instance from a security attribute suggests that you need to be definitely sure that it is positioned appropriately. There are a great deal of things that need to be checked in the house to make sure that home security is a crucial aspect. This goes for outside the residence.

You wish to see to it that you have a carbon monoxide detector that is in spot as well and you have to consider just what the house itself is made up if it’s an older type house. You need to consider having your furnishings positioned in your residence that it is not going to be able to develop some type of accident.

When it pertains to appliances these ought to be set up correctly. Security aspects that need to be remembered. You don’t intend to be positioning an oven near an entry method where things that are cooking on the stove could mistakenly acquire knocked off. When it involves children and pets you would like to ensure that your house has been safe proofed. Chemicals and washing agents as an example should be in a secured and safe location.

One of the methods the keeping your house safe additionally is keeping up on home repairs. If you are starting to have rotting floorboards as an example or stairs introducing the home that are in need of repair work these once more can end up being another security feature.

Blazing the Trail With Filipino Indie Films

The Filipino moviegoer has constantly been easy to please. Filmmakers realized this a long time back, and offering proof to such link is the existence of exactly what appears to be a formula for making a Filipino flick. These are familiar stories that awaken Filipino sentiments as they carry the Filipino cultural experience.

There are constantly newer, fresher and more relevant imitations of the Filipino culture, which filmmakers with braver perspectives and ordinances other than mentioning the dough have been elevating the Filipino flag with. Devoid of the restrictions of corporate media, independent filmmakers show exactly what authenticity is made from.

Among these is Lagusan, a movie regarding the lives of an abortionist and her boy which did not know of his real identification. Lagusan earned the honor of Best Dramatization Feature Film at the New York International Independent Film and Video Celebration in 2004. There is likewise Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, which provides a teenage kid that faces the challenges of maturing a homosexual in a poor and conventional household and culture. This has actually made for itself numerous regional and international exhibits, elections and awards, featuring the Montreal World Film Festival, Cinemalaya Independent Movie Event and the Sundance Movie Event all in 2005. Kubrador, illustrating the weave of the life of a normal bet enthusiast of jueteng, has actually won four honors and 16 elections from global film events, within 2006, consisting of the Moscow International Movie Festival for Best Image, the Osian-Cinefan International Film Event, and the Vancouver International Movie Celebration. Donsol, a tale entailing the whale sharks in Sorsogon called the butanding and 2 folks whose lives came to be linked with the migration seasons of the fish, have gained in the Asian Marine Movie Event and Cinemalaya Independent Film Celebration in 2006, as well as made was the authorities option for other film celebrations consisting of the Cairo International Film Event and the Oriental Festival of 1st Movies.

This year in Could, Serbis by Brillante Mendoza and Now Showing by Raya Martin have been accepted as access in the 61st Cannes Movie Festival. This is first time in more than 2 Decade that the Philippines had actually been able to enter into such prominent event, being successful just to Lino Brocka’s Jaguar in 1980 and Kapit sa Patalim in 1984. Serbis lets the story of how a family in Pampanga survives by running an old cinema disguised as one that provides for sex and sex-related favors. Now Showing, on the other hand, illustrates the life of the most familiar woman offering pirated CDs and DVDs in the hectic streets of Manila. Lav Diaz, another indie filmmaker likewise contributed to the Filipino satisfaction with his winning for the second time in the Venice International Movie Festival this year. His movie was qualified Melancholia, one that looks for an answer to why there is “a lot unhappiness therefore much chaos” in life; yet the eight-hour film provides no answer in the end.

Throughout the many years, there have manied independent or ‘indie’ films that have blazed the trail to making Tagalog flicks. It has to do with time that the Filipino experience is much more precisely, seriously and artistically went after and captured visually. It’s about time Filipino movies make their customers believe as much as they are and really feel amused.

A City of Festivals

Local festivals could not be the first points that come to mind when one believes of city life. Atlanta is full of regional community festivals and events that offer educational and cultural opportunities as well as inexpensive amusement choices for all ages.

And the Atlanta Asian Movie Celebration combines multi-national works of art with an unparalleled educational experience. The Atlanta Greek Festival gives participants delicious samples of real Classical fare along with standard popular music and dance.

Area events that sustain regional nonprofit companies and historic cultures usually combine regional artists to give a complete day, or more, of purchasing, eating and music entertainment. The Sandy Springs celebration hosted each autumn features a concert in the square, a 10k run, a house trip and a lot of regional fine arts and crafts. The Inman Park festival and residence tour held each April is thought about Atlanta’s greatest flea market and hosts the city’s quirkiest and most vibrant parade. The Dogwood Celebration hosted each come Piedmont Playground is the area’s largest creative festival incorporating unparalleled musical efficiencies with an artist market and unique youngsters’s activities to pull hundreds of thousands of celebration goers each year.

While lots of celebrations celebrate a particular culture or regional community life and include a lot of creative aspects, some celebrations focus on a specific fine art. The Atlanta Jazz music Celebration offers homeowners and site visitors the possibility to hear legendary and also neighborhood artists while likewise learning concerning the history of the genre. The Georgia Shakespeare Celebration is held each year at Oglethorpe University to commemorate the theatrical works of art created by William Shakespeare.

And while numerous events could last just one or two days, some encompass ongoing occasions and instructional possibilities throughout the year. The National Black Arts Festival commemorates the life and contributions of folks of African descent and their influence on globe societies via year-round educational programs and special events.

Hong Kong – The New Screen Content Hub During a Hubbub

Bold and blazing at its next-door neighbors, Hong Kong is set to claim itself as the Asian center for screen content. Adhering to the footprints of Australia which availed itself with China’s crave resources, Hong Kong is being a propitious source for movie and TV development bestowed by China.

It has decided to strike when the iron is hot. I’m describing the credit squeeze dealt with by the recent two cities that have actually heavily purchased the innovative sectors, Dubai and Singapore.

The city forecasted its 5th Entertainment Expo, mading of different films and TELEVISION activities this week. It’s intended to be competing the whole month.

The vital occasion was the International Movie Celebration Hong Kong Movie & Television Market (FILMART) and it is however evident to see the razzmatazz of the Hong Kong International Movie Event.

The various other events being held until April 19, are The HK Songs Fair, Digital Enjoyment Leadership Forum, HK Independent Short Film and Video clip Awards and the Oriental Movie Fare Awards, which obviously was loaded with celebrities.

Like the Oriental participants, there has been a crescent in the Mainland China exhibitors this year. The China Radio and Tv Organization, which represents 600 stations in China, made its premier launch out there.

The assistant executive supervisor of the HK Trade Development Council, Benjamin Chau seemed to be in high spirits after he saw an encouraging development in the lot of exhibitors even with the global recession.

Looking at the sunny side, the Hong Kong Film Celebration has actually hoisted up earnings created via sponsorships. This might indicate that the Hong Kong Entertainment industry, if addressed sensibly, could visit wonderful lengths and help Hong Kong in its quest of aiming versus the global financial hubbub.