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AC repair at the worst time

We recently asked people who lived in phoenix and Las Vegas what they disliked the most about living in their cities. The most common complaint about both cities was the extreme heat during the summers.

One of the ladies we talked to told us a story, about the first week in July last year, when the Las Vegas Valley was in a heat wave. “It was so hot that you could not touch your car door without burning your hand, and all you wanted to do was get inside somewhere that had air conditioning. The minute you stepped outside it was like stepping in to an oven. It didn’t even cool off enough at night to be comfortable. She says that some summer days it can get as hot as 123 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to make sure that your animals have plenty of water and that they can get into the shade, it is actually suggested that you make sure that they are inside during the hottest part of the day.

Fayanne said that of coarse during the heat wave she would need air conditioning type repair, and she was not alone 3 of her friends had the same problem. Fayanne called four different AC repair companies in Las Vegas at 6pm, and three of the four told her it would be 24 to 48 hours before they could come out and look at her air conditioner let alone repair it. The forth company told her that while they were very busy they would be out that night, they showed up diagnosed the problem and repaired the unit, it was late at night but she was able to sleep in a cool house. The tech told her that he and the other techs were working until all of the calls were answered, even if it was 2 am.


Emergency service for AC repair did not cost extra

When I asked Fayanne if she remembered if she had to pay extra for the emergency service she said that no they charged her a $20.00 service call and replaced the fan motor for $77 less then she had paid on her other air conditioner the year before. So I wanted the name of the company that she used, she told me it was TNA Heating and Cooling and even gave me their phone number, she could not say enough about how great the tech was even though she could tell that he was extremely tired.

If you need an AC repair contractor in Las Vegas you now know who to call.

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