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The Best Tile Leveling System for Bathroom Tile

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Tile leveling systems are great.

Why? Because they help you get a great looking tile job.

You can use them on tile floors or walls.

We’re going to show you why we think the Tuscan Tile Leveling System is the best.

We explore two system’s.

The first one is the Tuscan Cap and Strap system. It looks exactly as it sounds. There’s a cap that slides over a clear strap.

Caps straddle either side of the tiles and help eliminate tile lippage or unevenness.

The Tuscan SeamClip is the second system. These are awesome because you can manually lock them in place. They come in three different varieties. Each version is dependent on the thickness of your tile.

So measure the thickness of the tile before you buy the SeamClip.

We discuss all the details in today’s video

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